Friday, April 3, 2009

Do Republicans Care About Children?

The Obama budget passed both the house and senate with NO Republican votes. Why? Too much spending, increases the deficit says the GOP.

“Let’s not do this to our kids,” said Representative Mike Pence of Indiana, the No.3 Republican in the House. “Let’s not borrow from the next generation of Americans.”
(Hulse,, 4/2/09).

Representative Pence voted FOR the monster Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 (, which doubled the national debt from $5 trillion to $10 trillion. ( ).

Maybe Pence did not care so much about children back then.

It is worth noting that the Reagan tax cuts more than tripled the deficit, from $908 billion in 1980 to $3.2 trillion in 1990. If Pence had been in congress then, no doubt he would have voted for those tax cuts too (since he votes with his party 97% of the time).

Fom what I can discern, Republicans care not one whit for the financial well-being of future generations. Current protestations to the contrary are simply “not consistent with the facts.”

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